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Welcome to The Mixing Bowl Inc.

The Mixing Bowl Inc. proudly serves delicious food to the greater Kansas City community.

When weighing success, it is important to note the context from which it came. It is easy to look at the richest man alive and have him tell you how humbly grown his $184.6 billion net worth is, but when it comes down to it, success is about what you did and how you got there. Stephanie Blaco is a perfect example of this playing out in our own backyards. Blaco has served 10 years in prison after years of drug abuse and misconduct. Coming in and out of prison since the 2000s, Blaco was finally released July 24th, 2020. Now what a lot of people have learned is that finding a job during a pandemic is difficult. Finding a job, in a pandemic, with a felony, is even more difficult. With the stigmatization most felons face in the workplace, it can be almost impossible to enter functionally back into society. Blaco was able to land a job at The Mixing Bowl Noshery on Southwest Boulevard. Her father had been a regular for years, ordering a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, and coming back the same day on his lunch. Woefully, the previous owners had decided it was time to retire from their family restaurant, and with the help of her family, Blaco took ownership of The Mixing Bowl and began her second chance. Running a small business during a pandemic has been a fatal task for businesses all over the country, with 500 closures in the KC-Metro alone. Not only has Blaco kept the now, Mixing Bowl, Inc, afloat since the big transition, but she has also been able to keep a welcoming environment that continues to bring families back. With that in mind, the growing success of The Mixing Bowl, Inc has been fueled by the tiring 60-hour work weeks put in by Blaco and head cook Adrian Cervantes. With loyal regulars, quality food, and well-rounded staff, the hard work has not gone unnoticed. This restaurant is deemed a success for many reasons, like having the best rated biscuits and gravy in the area and being held together by one hard working woman, who despite a past full struggle was able to find the determination to overcome the mistakes and build something that is worthy to be proud of. Blaco’s determination left no odds against her, allowing her to get her life back. To some, an afloat business is not much, but for the ones who made it happen, it is a priceless victory.